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Best Commercial Toilets

Best Commercial Toilets

Denis Leskovets
Denis Leskovets

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Floor Mounted Toilet

Floor mounted toilets are a specific toilet that attaches to the floor of a room rather than the wall. These are the most common toilets and are often found in both residential and commercial locations alike. The plumbing for a floor mounted toilet can be commonly found in both commercial and residential locations, meaning that these toilets can often be more easily installed versus wall-mounted versions.

Floor mounted toilets do not require custom plumbing or stronger walls. So, these toilets are ideal for any organization hoping to simply install a toilet without making additional, and perhaps costly, changes to the bathroom layout. For organizations without the plumbing necessary for wall-mounted toilets, a floor-mounted toilet is a perfect alternative.

American Standard Commercial Toilet

American Standard 2467100.020

The American Standard Commercial Toilet is a high-efficiency toilet that requires 31% less water than competing models of toilets on the market. Less water means less wastefulness, so the American Standard is best suited for those organizations looking to minimize water waste.

Despite the fact that this toilet is a high efficiency, it remains powerful and remains competitive with other commercial toilets that are available. This model is also easy to clean thanks to the Ever-clean surfacing used on its surface. This toilet relies on cadet flowise pressure assistance. Pressure assistance allows for powerful siphon jet flush action that helps to prevent and eliminate clogs.

The American Standard is a visually appealing, high-efficiency model that won’t require a high degree of maintenance to keep it working. One concern for buyers is that the tank on the toilet attaches with only two bolts on either side of the bowl. The tank may have a wobbly feeling. Although not a major concern, this design feature may make it difficult to tighten the mounting of the tank. As a result, maintenance may be more difficult than with other toilets.

Kohler Commercial Toilet

Kohler K-3519-0

The Kohler Commercial Toilet is yet another in the line of pressure-assisted flushing toilets available on the market. This is a visually appealing toilet with an elongated bowl that is commonly used in Starbuck’s restrooms. Thanks to the pressure-assisted features of the toilet, the Kohler Commercial Toilet is also capable of high-powered flushes that prevent clogs and make it easier to keep the toilet clean.

The only major downside to this model is that the interior design of the toilet has been known to degrade over time. This can lead to the bowl looking stained over time and make it slightly more difficult to keep the toilet clean. While this isn’t a major issue, it does mean that organizations concerned with maintenance and cleanliness will have to take extra steps to keep the toilet clean in the long run.

Toto Commercial Toilet

Toto MS854114EL

The Toto Commercial Toilet is a high-efficiency toilet that is perfect for environmentally conscious organizations. The Eco Ultra Max features mean that this toilet requires 20% less water than competing toilets on the market. At the same time, the unique engineering of the toilet, which relies on the G-Max flushing system, means that this toilet still provides high powered flushing that helps reduce clogs and makes cleaning the toilet easier.

The use of high powered siphoning is important to rapid, powerful flushing that keeps clogs from occurring. This toilet helps to save on costs not only because it requires lower maintenance, but also because it saves on water usage over time. With that said, for the most environmentally minded organizations, the Toto Commercial Toilet is still not as effective at reducing water waste as some competing models. Although this model does offer significant waste reduction, there are superior options on the market.

Power Flush Toilet

American Standard 2462100.020

The Power Flush Toilet provides a powerful flush using pressure-assisted siphon jet flush action. The use of pressure assistance means that the flush is strong, reducing the chance for clogs to occur and making the toilet easier to clean and maintain. At the same time, the toilet remains highly efficient and uses only 1.1 gallons of water per flush. The lower amount of water used can help create cost savings over time since this creates savings on the organization’s water bill.

The Ever Clean surfacing of the toilet further helps to make the toilet easy to clean, since this form of surfacing reduces the chances for bacteria and other contaminants to grow on the surface. A downside to this toilet is that it is a bit more costly than competing water-saving toilets on the market. Even though the flush is slightly more powerful than competing models, the increased flushing power may not justify the cost.

Dual Flush Toilet


The Dual Flush Toilet is yet another in the line of floor-mounted toilets that relies on siphon jet flushing action in order to create a powerful flush. This high-powered flush helps to prevent clogs from occurring. At the same time, this model does not require more water than competing models. It is Water Sense certified, meaning that the toilet uses less water than other models to create the same powerful flushing action.

This toilet is designed for use with a flushometer dual flush valve. The dual flush valve is easy to install that helps to reduce water waste in the long run. At the same time, the ligature point at which this toilet fastens to the plumbing can weaken over time. This will make maintenance more difficult over time,  since the toilet may require servicing at the points at which the toilet attaches to the plumbing.

No Clog Toilet

Toto CST744SL

The No Clog toilet sets out to do one thing better than anything else, and that is to prevent clogs from occurring. It relies on the G-Max flushing system, which allows the toilet to create a powerful flush while using less water than competing models on the market. Above all else, this toilet is designed to prevent clogs, and the powerful flushing actions help to make this possible. The toilet is known for its reliability, requiring very little maintenance over time. This model is easy to install and has few additional components to consider when installing, meaning that this toilet can be quickly attached to the plumbing of both a commercial or residential location.

The toilet also has a smaller profile than some other floor-mounted toilets on the market, making it ideal for organizations that tack the space required for larger installations. However, the physical design of the toilet may not be ideal for all buyers. The downward sloping tank means that it is easy for items to slide off the top of the toilet. Although not a major issue, this may become an annoyance over time.

Water Saving Toilet


This water saving toilet prioritizes reducing water waste above all else, making this model perfect for any home or organization hoping to stay environmentally friendly. This toilet uses only a single gallon per flush while still delivering a powerful flush using its Tornado Flush system.

This system relies on a hole-free rim design and dual nozzles to create a powerful centrifugal washing action. This same powerful flushing action also means that this model is easy to maintain over time since the flushing action helps prevent clogs from occurring. Further, this toilet is easy to maintain and clean thanks to the CEFIONTECT glaze. This glazing of the toilet’s surface prevents particles from adhering to the surface, which prevents substances such as bacteria and mold from developing on the surface.

One downside to this specific toilet is that it may require additional steps to install when first purchased. The toilet must be installed with the mount it comes with, which may often require additional holes be drilled into the floor. This toilet also requires a specific amount of space between the back of the bowl and the wall, so this isn’t the best toilet to install in small spaces. Attempting to do so may require that the water lines be moved.

Auto Flush Toilet

Kohler 96057-0

This auto flush toilet is designed with an elongated bowl that is ADA compliant, meaning that this toilet is suitable for disabled individuals. This toilet has a powerful flushing action that happens with only 1.6 gallons per flush, making this toilet water efficient at the same time that it delivers a powerful flush. This toilet is also designed for use with an auto flush flushometer valve. This valve helps to minimize the water used in every flush, conserving water, and providing financial savings for an organization.

The battery-powered sensor on the valve has a 3-year battery life, minimizing the amount of maintenance on the valve itself, and includes GO BLUE seals and gaskets that prevent the valve from degrading over time. This toilet and valve pairing together help to keep water usage low. Still, the water usage of the toilet operates on a range. Competing models can offer more consistent lower water usage per flush, making this model less desirable for homes and organizations that want to consistently keep their water use low.

Wall Mounted Toilet

Wall-mounted toilets are, as their name implies, toilets that mount to the wall rather than mount to the floor. Wall-mounted toilets often have a high end, modern look that is more visually appealing than the traditional floor mounted toilet. These toilets also typically take less space than a floor-mounted model and have a sleeker appearance. Finally, since they do not require a water tank, wall-mounted toilets are easier to maintain and clean.

However, there are some downsides to wall-mounted models. These types of toilets required tailored plumbing that is less frequently found and that allow for water to siphon through the wall. This also means that the wall itself needs to be stronger than would otherwise be necessary. This increased strength is required in order to make sure the toilet stays safely secured to the wall and also ensures that the wall does not break apart over time.

American Standard Wall Hung Toilet

American Standard 2856.128.020 Afwall

The American Standards Wall Hung Toilet has one of the most commonly found appearance for wall mounted toilets on the market, which includes the use of a flushing handle built into the plumbing arm of the toilet. This toilet uses the Ever Clean surfacing technique to ensure that stains and odors are minimized over time. Ever Clean works by reducing the ability for bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow on the surface.

The American Standard is a classic toilet found in many locations, however, it can also look visually intrusive. The exposed plumbing arm on the back of the toilet can look unappealing and exposes a lot of the toilet’s hardware, which may not be desirable in particularly tight spaces. For organizations working with minimal space, this may not be the best choice on the market.

Kohler Wall Hung Toilet

Kohler K-4325-0 Kingston

The Kohler Wall Hung Toilet has one of the most visually appealing designs of any wall mounted toilet on the market, making it perfect for appearance-conscious organizations. There is no flushing level, which helps maintain a minimal appearance to the toilet. This toilet is also perfect for environmentally aware organizations looking to reduce water waste since this model uses 20% less water than competing models.

It’s important to remember is that lower water usage also means lower long-term costs. As organizations reduce their water use, this leads to cost savings over time, so the Kohler Wall Hung Toilet may have financial benefits in the long run. Despite this, the Kohler Wall Hung Toilet is not the most efficient model on the market. There are competing models available that are more efficient and require less water to deliver a powerful flush.

Toto Wall Hung Toilet

Toto CT708U

The Toto Wall Hung Toilet is yet another wall mounted toilet that reduces the amount of exposed hardware in order to ensure that the toilet maintains a minimal look. This makes the Toto Wall Hung Toilet perfect for organizations that have minimal space in which to install the unit. The toilet is also WaterSense certified, meaning that it is considered a high-efficiency toilet that minimizes the amount of water required to create a powerful flush.

As with other water-saving toilets, the Toto Wall Hung Toilet can help an organization save money by reducing the amount of water used over time. Even though wall hung toilets often have a higher upfront cost, these costs can be partly offset by the lower amount of water used. Unfortunately, the Toto Wall Hung Toilet does little else to distinguish itself, and there are few advantages that can distinguish this model from competing units on the market.

Picking the Best Commercial Toilet

Picking the best commercial toilet relies on assessing a variety of factors. How the toilet is designed and the amount of water it uses are only a few factors that should be considered. For instance, organizations that are particularly environmentally conscious may want to consider the flushing action, which influences the amount of water used and the power of the flush. In total, there are at least seven major considerations to take into account when buying a toilet.


When picking the best commercial toilet, it is important to consider design. This is not only an aesthetic choice but also a practical one. Different toilets will require different amounts of space in order to be properly installed. Tank based toilets, for instance, may need more space toward the back of the installation.

Water Usage

Water usage is always a factor when trying to consider what toilet is best, and this is a particularly important factor for those who are most environmentally conscious. Many of the toilets on this list are designed to minimize the amount of water used per flush. It should be noted that more powerful flushes often require more water. However, current advances have made it possible to create a powerful flush while keeping the water usage low.


Reliability is a practical concern for anyone that is installing a toilet. Reliability refers not only to the reliability of the flushing action itself but also the mechanical aspects of the toilet. If valves fail too quickly, then it can drive up the cost of  maintaining the toilet. Particular concern should be paid when a toilet seems to have parts that fail quickly.


Advances in technology have made it possible to create toilets that have a more powerful flushing action as well as  lower water usage. Unfortunately, these advances have also meant that the costs of these units have gone up. The lower the water usage and the more powerful flush, the more likely that the cost for the toilet will be higher.

Flushing Mechanism

When picking the best commercial toilet, it is important to consider design. This is not only an aesthetic choice but also a practical one. Different toilets will require different amounts of space in order to be properly installed. Tank based toilets, for instance, may need more space toward the back of the installation.

ADA Compliance

ADA compliance refers to whether a toilet is designed with the disabled in mind. Different toilets may sit at different heights or have different slopes, which can make it difficult for disabled individuals to comfortably use a toilet. Toilet makers often try to be ADA compliant in order to ensure that their toilets are usable by the widest variety of people. However, not all toilets will comfortably meet the needs of all individuals.


The warranty on a toilet can vary and may promise that the toilet will be repaired or replaced. It is particularly important to consider the warranty if the toilet has been reported to have mechanical failures, such as corrosion around the valve. It is always important to look at the toilet’s warranty before making a purchase.

What is the installation cost of a commercial toilet?

As mentioned previously, the installation costs for a commercial toilet are going to vary depending on the organization and the type of toilet purchased. Traditional tank based  toilets are usually going to cost less than a wall mounted, tankless toilet. The traditional toilet easily installs into the most common type of plumbing available within a building. These are the toilets that can be found in most homes throughout the United States and in many commercial buildings.

A wall-mounted toilet can require additional installation fees. The wall behind the wall-mounted toilet may need to be reinforced to ensure that the wall does not fracture due to the installation. The plumbing required for such a toilet may also need to be adjusted in order to accommodate the wall mounting. For the most cost-conscious organizations, a wall-mounted toilet may not be the best choice. However, such toilets also have a modern aesthetic and save on space, so they may be worth the higher costs to install.

What is the difference between commercial and residential toilets?

A commercial toilet differs from a standard home based toilet in that the toilet has different maintenance needs and plumbing requirements. Inside a residential home, there is a residential water supply line that helps to drain the toilet. In simpler terms, a commercial toilet has specific plumbing requirements that the typical home cannot meet.

Water must enter the commercial toilet fast enough to create a successful flush, and a residential home rarely has the water supply lines necessary to flush with enough power. Because a residential home does not usually have the water supply lines to provide enough water, residential toilets have a water tank to provide the needed water.

Commercial toilets, in contrast, do not need a tank of water because it receives enough water from the business’s water supply line. Even though both commercial and residential toilets use the same volume of water to flush, the commercial toilet receives its water supply from the far more powerful water supply lines found in the plumbing of commercial locations. Homeowners won’t typically be able to install a commercial toilet, and they hardly have to.

For business owners, however, there is the option of installing tankless commercial toilets that can take advantage of the higher-powered water supply lines. With that said, not all commercial toilets are tankless. There are entire lines of tank based, commercial toilets that have higher flushing power than the standard home model. So, when considering what is the best commercial toilet to install at a place of work or business, what is the best option? There are multiple models that are available that have various advantages and disadvantages.

What is the best commercial toilet to buy?

It is difficult to proclaim a clear cut winner regarding what is the best commercial toilet to buy. Each toilet has its own pros and cons that make them better suited for different circumstances. For organizations where there will be little space to install the toilet, a wall-mounted variety may be more helpful. Wall-mounted units do not have bowls, which reduces the space they need in order to be installed. At the same time, there are some tank based toilets that are smaller than others, and a tank based toilet may be preferable when considering the needs of the physically disabled.

However, when considering all of these factors, the toilet best suited for most organizations is likely the Power Flush Toilet. This toilet is a standard, floor mounted toilet, which makes it suitable for abled and disabled alike. It is also a money saver since it requires only 1.1 gallons of water per flush. It is this low use of water that makes the toilet environmentally friendly.

Another advantage that the toilet has is its Ever Clean surfacing, which prevents the buildup of bacteria and other contaminants. One consideration to keep in mind is that this toilet is pricier than some other available models. However, the upfront cost of purchasing the Power Flush Toilet may be offset in the long run because of the lower costs of cleaning and maintenance. Organizations can have peace of mind knowing that they are saving the environment and being mindful of the needs of the disabled. The Power Flush is therefore the responsible choice for any organization that wants to keep costs down while also helping people and the environment.