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Best Desk Pads

Denis Leskovets
Denis Leskovets

Productivity Optimization Geek

People spend so much time at work that it’s important to be comfortable at your desk. Using desk pads is a good way to make your space more comfortable. If you’re looking for the best desk pads, we have found the ideal pads for each category.

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Large Desk Pad

Life XL Desk Pad​

This desk pad is one of the best desk pads to use if you want a wide surface to put your periphery objects on. The 24″ by 60″ size makes it wide enough to put your keyword, coffee cup, pens, and mouse on it at the same time. It’s large enough to place your entire laptop on.

The environmentally-friendly desk pad is waterproof and oil proof, making it quick and easy to clean it. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. It has a matte finish that keeps your items firmly in place. The pad protects the desk or table against scratches, chips, and stains. It also has an elegant, modern look.

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Minimalist Desk Pad

Cacoy Desk Mat

This desk pad is one of the best desk pads for playing games. It’s wide, allowing for plenty of mouse and controller movements to be done in comfort. This desk pad is soft, easing stress from the wrists, hands, and elbows. It has a different texture on both sides- smooth on one side and grainy on the other to help it stay in place.

The smooth side makes it a perfect surface for a mouse. Both sides are made from PU leather to create a durable, heavy-duty pad. It protects the desktop when you’re sitting objects on it and moving items around. It’s waterproof and can be wiped down easily when cleaning.

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Best Desk Pad for Mac

Vine Office Desk Mat

With its modern look and its reversible sides, this is a useful desk pad that can also be used as a writing surface. It’s oil-proof, waterproof and offers plenty of protection for the top of your desk or table. It works well on plastic, wood or glass desks. The smooth side is for both your mouse and to write and to draw.

It’s very thin, just 0.08,” allowing you to put virtually anything on it. It comes in different colors to help you match the decor of the rest of the room. The faux leather surface looks modern and elegant for a contemporary office. It provides no friction, so a mouse can be moved freely.

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Computer Desk Pad

YSAGi Multifunctional Desk Pad

This double sided desk blotter uses a different color on each side to give you options to match your decor. It also comes in a wide range of different colors, including bright ones, to help you match the room. And when you want a new color, simply turn it over.

It’s made from PU leather, so it’s heavy-duty and tough as well as easy to clean with a cloth. The width is wide enough for a keyboard and a mouse. The synthetic leather with its pebbled surface looks elegant and is comfortable to rest your arms on. It’s an affordable price for a desk pad of this size. Its gently rounded corners are comfortable to handle. The thin (0.08″) width makes it easy to cut down to match your desk’s shape and/or size.

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Calendar Desk Pad

TOWWI Monthly Desk Pad

This desk blotter doubles as a full calendar with the whole month on each page. It runs from January 2012 to December 2022, so you can keep the same one for two years of use. Each of the daily blocks, measuring 1.8″ by 1.8,” is large enough to write plenty of tasks and appointments in.

The black binding at the top has eyelets in it to allow the calendar to be hung on the wall. It also has black corner holders to make sure the pages stay flat. As each month passes, simply tear off the previous month and the new one will be ready to use. It also has three large blocks on the right side for taking notes, creating a to-do list and to make a list of projects to be done.

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Desk Pad With Edge Protector

LOHOME Desk Pad w/ Fixation Lip

This office desk pad measures 27.5″ wide by 17.7″ deep. It includes a rounded lip on one end that is 19.5″ wide. This lip keeps the side comfortable for both your arms and torso. With the angled lip, there is something in between your body and the desk, and it also protects your clothes from the edge.

The top surface is smooth to provide a good writing platform as well as to allow a mouse to slide freely. This desk mat is black, so it coordinates well with most other colors. It is shipped flat in a large box to keep it from getting creased or damaged. There is also an ultra-long limited warranty period of 180 days.

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Leather Desk Pad

Londo - Genuine Leather Pad

This leather desk mat is one of the best desk pads for those who love the look and feel of leather. It is made from quality leather that has been crafted with durable, fine stitching. It is soft to the touch and feels smooth for the easy use of a mouse. It has non slip backing to keep it in place and to allow you to move the mouse without moving the leather desk mat.

It measures 29.13″ wide by 13.18″ deep, so plenty of items can rest on it. It is available in both black and brown to allow for coordinating with the desk and the rest of the room. It’s also available both in genuine cowhide leather and in PU leather.

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Desk Pad for Writing

Uncrowned Kings Desk Pad

This faux leather desk mat has a matte finish for non slip performance. It’s smooth enough to rest your arms on it comfortably. It’s wide enough to fit your monitor or laptop plus a mouse, your phone, a coffee cup and other items you use. The high-quality vegan leather desk mat has no chemical smell and is thick (20mm) and durable. It’s easy to clean and requires only a wipe down with soap and water. It’s oil-proof, waterproof and resistant to scratches. It’s easy to trim to fit your specific workspace

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Should I Use a Desk Mat?

Using desk pads isn’t a requirement on a desk, but it does have a lot of benefits. Many people use pads because they protect the top of the desk from wear and spills. Most faux leather desk pads are waterproof, making spilled coffee a minor incident. Others like them best because they add a little elegance to the desk and to the office. They can make a desktop look more organized and more professional. Desk pads also help the desktop to be more comfortable to rest hands and arms on.

There are many models, sizes, materials, and colors that everyone can find the best pads for their needs. Whether it’s vinyl, faux leather, or real leather the best desk pad for you is the one that works with your office’s design, the size of the desk, and your personal preference.

Picking the Best Desk Pad

When you’re looking for the best mat for your needs, there are so many it can be hard to choose. Before you shop for desk pads, start by taking the measurements of the desk and then think about the color that would be right for the space. Next, think about the basic thickness that you want.

The best pad for most of these needs is the Life XL Desk Pad. This model is faux leather and looks luxurious. It is also wide enough to place plenty of items on it. It’s lightweight, has a stay-put matte finish and looks elegant on any desk. It can even be cut down easily if you move to a smaller desk. It’s the best of the desk pads for its looks, performance and durability. It also has the best surface texture to write on and to move a mouse.